We at the lab

Always with a good cup of coffee @ hand

The Art of Fixing

We dedicate a significant deal of time looking for new ways to simplify the process of troubleshooting computer/software problems. It is often necessary to break things to test our technology. We recreate real live scenarios where computer system might run in an erratic way, so here is where our simulators get an opportunity to teach us about common system havocs. We repeat this process several times ensuring as a result the reliability of our troubleshooting and solving technology.

Virtual Lab

The virtual lab is actually a huge collection of testing and troubleshooting tools hosted in our production servers. We use virtual machines and operating system simulators to ensure the reliability of our testing and troubleshooting tools. It’s Virtual and yes, it’s a Lab!.

Coffee Time

We promote a healthy and fun working environment where coffee is always present as a way to relax and share ideas during the joy of sipping a freshly brewed dark roosted blend.