The Process

Just a few clicks here and there. That’s help!

Working hard to make it easy

Troubleshooting and fixing computer and software problems could be a very difficult and risky task for most users. A small mistake in a configuration file can render you whole system inoperable. Don’t take chances with the integrity of your computer and let our experienced technicians to solve computer and software problems for you. We have the tools and experience to put you back in the road with your workstation.

Getting Help

You initiate the process with an easy to follow questionnaire. In some cases, the fix can be easily performed by you using free and paid interactive tools available at our Technical Support Desk Portal. In the event that your problem requires the intervention of one of our technicians, you will be instructed to initiate a request for service using our booking system.

Small is Beautiful

Live Remote Assistance by Intellixis is a service created to satisfy the needs of customers looking for a simple way to solve computer and software related problems. We strongly advocate for the clean and easy approach of troubleshooting and fixing while you are in the comfort of your home or office. We've made the process very simple, so give us a try!.